Are you a leader, a follower, or someone two steps behind? It’s easy to avoid to be the former. There’s one general rule to consider when it comes to fashion trends – by the time they arrive to teen shops like Forever21 or Bershka, it’s time to abandon ship. Usually the life cycle of a highly coveted trend is very quick. Some of the fashion houses, like Burberry, offer an immediate shop-from-runway option after, or at the same time as their seasonal fashion shows, so key pieces hit the street way before their intended season.

After editors and socialites, fashion bloggers and influencers adapt, and at this point the Zara and ASOS designers are working hard to make it accessible for anyone within a month. Teen brands are the last one to get on board with the cheapest and tackiest versions. The 2016 fall fashion trends trotted down the catwalk this February and by the actual fall, we have seen more furry Gucci loafers in our Instagram feeds, then our cousin’s baby photos.

I made of shortlist of the trends there are on the verge of dying out. It’s almost impossible to invest in fads, no matter what quality you buy. There is only one successful masterplan, to buy now and keep them hidden in your closet for long years until they’re forgotten and so uncool, they can be cool again. Do you remember Prada’s Fairy Collection from eight years ago? Fashion insiders swear this is the year it’s back on! If you insist on marching in soft and fuzzy lamb fur, I suggest you time it around 2024.



Miu Miu skyrocketed ruffled shirts into everyone’s closets, and opened the floodgates for every trend-based brand to come up with more and more creative ideas. Redesigned men’s shirts, oversized sleeves, puff sleeves, cold shoulders, asymmetric designs, or simply upside down – Japanese designers’ favorite wardrobe staple got a serious makeover.

It’s a great idea and I wish it would stay, any way that one can rework masculine or unisex basics into something super feminine is close to my heart. Unfortunately everyone else apparently agrees, because if you open one of the biggest sweatshop clothing store’s website, about seventy different versions will smile at you. If you need any clue that it’s basic, here it is.

What to get instead?
Maybe it’s time to rest all these design elements for a while and just go back to the good ol’ men’s shirts like the French do.



That was supposed to be a short lifespan trend, but considering the selection of the fast fashion shops, it’s here to be shoved down in everyone’s throats for a while.

I came from a serious rock background and love band patches, also support customization, and the visual communication of identity and lifestyle choices, but it kinda loses it’s point when it’s just a bunch of glittered-up palm trees and generic Generation Y words.

If you would go high end, British designer Anya Hindmarch has been offering a wide selection of leather stickers for a long while now. You can decorate your handbags with the most overpriced thing you will ever lose.

What to get instead?
If you insist on customizing your clothes, how about embroidering your initials? This is as blue blooded as it gets, and you can easily learn the crafts from Youtube and get it done low budget.



Velvet is classic, it has that juicy and delicious vintage feel like tweed, like you’re wearing a piece of history. It always reminds me of the gracefulness of full length opera gloves, and old movie star-era vintage black dresses, like what Nadine Farag wore here on The Men Repeller in this sustainable fashion snippet.

Unfortunately this glory doesn’t translate when it comes to thigh high boots, tiny backpacks, or hotpants made out of cheap velvet. Goth goes hipster in this case, but this trend is already halfways out the door.

What to get instead?

If you happen to find a beautifully tailored, high quality, smooth velvet piece, feel free to make it a wardrobe staple. Otherwise if you want to shine, just opt for an unexpected metallic item in your outfit. A bronze blazer or a pair of silver boots. Boom, done.



After two strong years, the era of bomber jackets is faint. The machine embroidered polyester silk nightmares are flooding the resale platforms. Ladies are switching to kimonos. Certain subcultures can finally breathe that nobody will mistake them for fashion victims anymore.

Maybe because I came from an above mention subculture, I will always have a place in my heart for those robust Alpha Industries bombers, so if you splurged on the real deal, just keep wearing it and be consistent.

What to get instead?

If you want to move on to the next fad, learn your lesson from Balenciaga and buy an oversized puffer jacket, or just go back to the oldschool military jackets.


All illustrations by Lainey Molnar, 2016