I know this is a blog where I advocate shopping less and smarter, but that doesn’t mean that my undying devotion for treasure hunting has just cleared out of my system. Yes, I still shop a lot, but definitely smarter and usually second hand.

The only obsession I can’t seem to shake is knick-knacks from Aliexpress and eBay. I literally have an Excel sheet to track my shopping and according to it, I bought 42 things in 52 days. I promise they are all useful, except for the Baby Foot mask that made my feet look like I played footsie with a leper. Don’t try that one.

Okay, so here is the extensive list of my recent purchases, maybe you guys will get inspired to ditch high street for second hand too! OH, the plaid dress is new, at least for me! I bought it from the same girl as the shoes.


I’m not a 100% sure of the authenticity of this one, but the material seems to be fine. I copped it from the Hungarian auction portal called Vatera – it’s a treasure chest, a lot of old ladies unloading 80’s, 90’s designer goods. I love vintage scarves, the small ones you can wear as a cowboy style neckscarf, or my favorite: as a waistbelt.

Aaaaand meanwhile I was looking for eBay links for similar pieces, I accidentally bought another one. Okay for the ones I haven’t bough yet, click HERE, HERE, or HERE.






Schutz is this glitzy Brazilian footwear brand I was following on social media for a while, they got big very fast! All their shoes seemed way too extreme to spend 200 bucks on, so I waited it out. Lo and behold I bumped into these Mary Jane’s on a Hungarian clothes swap website (Gardrobcsere) for a fragment of that. Dustbag, no sign of being worn more than once.

I know used shoes are gross, but if you clean and disinfect them – and obviously don’t buy distressed ones with sweat marks and rips – I don’t see a reason why it can’t be passed on to the second generation.





Also from Vatera. The tag says size L, but right now it is definitely an Extra Small, so my guess would be someone wore it once and put in the washing machine or something. Their loss is my gain, now it’s my size.

I don’t really wear or own sweaters, because I hate how the cheap ones pill and the expensive ones are… well they are expensive. So my recommendation is Merino Wool (try Uniqlo!) or Cashmere, they never pill, always super soft, and last a lifetime. Also they are available very cheap on auction portals, like HERE – cashmere and cotton blend for a price of half a Zara one!





OH HELLO! So this handbag project of mine has been going on for a couple months. I sold most of my bags and accessories and started saving up massively so I can have three Basic Black Bags that’s gonna last for years. I’m not really into switching them around or collecting them, I always wear black so that was the priority, and I firmly believe in the power of Japanese designer bag resellers, so quality was guaranteed. CLICK HERE to see my Youtube video about how to find cheap authentic Japanese designer bags on eBay!

Now I have the Big Black Bag (it’s darker than these photos), this pretty massive and heavy Balenciaga Giant City Bag. I almost never have enough stuff to fill this up, but I always carry an umbrella so it’s useful.
I have a Black Shoulder Bag, which is a decent sized canvas Chanel Flap Bag I bought in Tokyo. I recently renovated it and gave it a makeover, I’ll put the video on Youtube at some point.
And finally I have the Tiny Black Crossbody, which is a Gucci Marmont Mini. I’m good for the next five years.

Good news is that Balenciaga bags are pretty affordable second hand (unless you’re looking for a black one, they sell out very fast) – check these ones: DARK VIOLET, PASTEL YELLOW, MUSTARD CALF FUR, BEIGE, BLACK, FADED BLUE, BRIGHT PINK.





I mentioned my love for cashmere before, silk is the other material you once experience you can never touch fake satin or polyester ever again without being utterly unimpressed.

H&M’s more expensive collections usually have silk basics you can cop when they go on sale, but otherwise I just recommend typing in “silk” (or whatever in your language if you’re browsing local auction portals) and your size and just going through all options.

That’s how I found this unused cami I’m planning to wear over blouses, shirts, or t-shirts. Or with a killer skirt in the summer! Oh, and it was like 10 bucks.





Yeah, I know… It’s not very fancy. But I just wanted to show you that there’s no reason to make a multi-billion dollar company make more products, when you can just recycle things someone else bought, worn once, and never needed again.

I like how this goes around, when I buy something (very thoughtfully) and never end up wearing (damn!), I usually sell them. I recycle the money to buy more second hand goodies or investment pieces, so eventually I will end up with things that will stay with me.